Ko Wong Chi Kung Institute

Ko Wong Chi Kung Institute 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

For over 40 years, Master Ko has provided natural Chi Energy treatments and taught Chi Kung and mediation practies.

He has worked with students and patients throughout Asia and North America providing direct transmission of some of China's most precious teachings. Master Ko has also served as the Assistant Director of the Qigong Self-Control for Cancer Prevention and Treatment Association of China Cancer Reseearch Foundation.

The Ko Wong Chi Kung Institute was opened officially in 1995. Since that time, Master Ko has continued his outreach to Western audiences through programs in Washington, DC, Seattle, WA, Grand Junction, CO, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Institute offers programs that promote improved health and self-discovery. Walking Chi Kung strengthens the body's internal organs, improves the respiratory system and calms the mind. Meditation helps students reach "emptiness" and thus experience profound relaxation. Master Ko uses chi kung treatment to adjust the imbalances of the patient's yin and yang and restore general well-being.

Individuals with a genuine interest in improving their health or exploring their potential are always welcome.

Ko Wong Chi Kung Institute
1038 Powell St. (between Clay and Washington)
San Francisco,CA  94108


Phone: 415-837-0128
Hours: Healing Sessions by Appointment
E-mail: MasterKo@sbcglobal.net

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